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Take your first step to owning a business in the homecare industry.

Our Values

Qualicare is a family of committed business owners who share a unique philosophy of quality care and these core values.


Our Industry.

Homecare is one of the fastest-growing healthcare industries in the U.S. according to IBIS World, a leading US-based market research firm.

In a recent 'HomeCare Providers in the US' report, it was noted that "Homecare saves patients billions of dollars a year by treating them in their homes instead of in hospitals."

It also states that “an aging population, the prevalence of chronic disease, growing physician acceptance of homecare, medical advancements and a movement toward cost-efficient treatment options from public and private payers have all fostered industry growth.”

Why Home Care?

The need for quality home care is growing fast as our population ages, with more seniors wanting trusted alternatives to nursing homes.

In fact, according to the AARP, most seniors wish to be taken care of and age with dignity in the comfort of their own home. So, investing in this growth industry not only makes business sense, it's a way to give back to the community and be involved in an industry that really matters.

Our 360° Approach

At Qualicare, we use a 360° Approach that ensures comprehensive care. Whether a senior needs help around the house, assistance taking a shower, or more complex and specialized care, our team provides solutions that meet the gaps families are struggling to fill.

A 360° Care Plan is developed and directed by a local Qualicare expert, who addresses a client's needs in four key areas.

Our Franchisees

Hear what they have to say.

brittany hawkes qualicare

360° Case Management that Qualicare offers is, like I’ve said before, is limitless. there’s no end options. We’ve heard ideas here that hasn’t even crossed my mind and it’s brilliant; I love it! And it’s what a nurse dreams of. We can really help people and be innovative. There’s just no room for that out there in the rest of the homecare world.

Brittany & Aaron Hawkes
Qualicare Franchisee
alan boucher

If you’re looking to select a business partner then you look at as many different criteria that you can… And if you see any red flags you’ll probably go in the opposite direction. And that happened to me with some of the other alternatives to Qualicare. What really solidified it for me was when I came into the office there, I got a good feel for the people. Both my wife and I found Qualicare to be very professional. Qualicare has resources and the willingness to help someone like me who is not a healthcare professional to start running a successful homecare business.

Alan Boucher

Your steps to becoming a franchise owner.

Introductory Information
Fill out our request form to receive access to our Discovery Center, have an intro call with us and watch our Discovery Video to move forward.
Application & Mutual Discovery
Complete the Request for Consideration form then start a series of in-depth calls about the model along with receiving our FDD.
Validation & Board Review
Talk to a few of our franchisees to hear their story and have an interview with our Board to be able to be awarded a franchise.
Deposit & Final Steps
Pay the deposit to secure your territory and complete our final steps such as signing the agreement to prepare for training and opening! Welcome to Qualicare!

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